Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Botox and Dermal Fillers

We live and breathe dentistry at Shelton Dental Center. Like most people, we find ourselves in social situations talking about dentistry. Now we have a new topic to add to the list. Botox and Dermal fillers!! Talk about a bunch of excited girls!

General dentists in Washington State are approved to administer botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Kathie, Dr. Edwards and staff attended classes and trained in these procedures. Some staff were more than willing to be used as test subjects. And the results were amazing!!!

Did you know that botox isn't just for the wrinkles already etched in place? Botox can be used as a preventive measure halting the formation of wrinkles. Botox works by limiting the muscles ability to crease.

For those of us who didn't have the benefit of preventative treatment, the deep lines would still be there even after botox use. Over time the skin can self repair and smooth out, but we don't have to wait!! Dermal fillers can gently fill in the deep grooves of laugh lines, marionette lines, scowl lines, and it can plump up thinning lips.

Using both treatments in conjunction will give dramatic results, taking years off your smile. These facial aesthetic procedures are affordable and you deserve it!